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Industrial video
surveillance systems

With our flexible security trailers and camera attachments, you can easily secure anything, anywhere.

How it Works

Opting for CCTV security and making you free in the future. You are protecting your business.

Solution to Every Security Problem


Infrastructure Security

A PSS On-Site trailer units are made advanced for environments where wires and Wi-Fi are not feasible.


Construction Security

With PSS On-Site, you will be able to protect and secure your work sites. Our Construction Security Units protect your property from trespassers, vandals, and thieves.


Property Management Security

large properties can be difficult to secure them from outsiders. Some people could just be passing your property, while others might be trespassing on it and might intend to harm your property. 

Why PSS On-Site

Trustworthy Protection for All of

Your Needs


Easy Setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle required.

Trailers can be delivered swiftly, across the country, and right to your building site. Our retail units are good to go in less than 30 minutes. They do not need traditional wires, electricity, generators, or Wi-Fi to be set up. Instead, they rely on connectivity from cellular data and can operate even when there is a power outage.

Portable and Compact

Our commercial units are extremely compact and easily movable. It can fit in a parking stall, so no extra space is required to fit. Besides, it is easily movable to wherever you need protection. Be it from the back of the store to the front or from the front of the store to the side alley; retail units never fail to meet your security requirement.

24/7 Intelligent Security

Remote Asset Protection

PngItem_5290284 (1).png

1080p Full HD CCTV

We provide 1080p resolution for clear and detailed viewing.

Panoramas and 360° rotation

Infrared built-in with IR

Remote viewing

Optical zoom allows for great zooming while causing no visual distortion.


Our mobile security trailers and camera mounts make it simple to secure anything, wherever. It takes less than an hour to set up the trailers. Once your the trailer is installed on your location, you will have immediate access to live surveillance streams via our mobile application.

Prevention and protection

You can set up alerts and surveillance zones, check live feeds, watch records, and even reposition the cameras using our video monitoring system. Use a surveillance system that is more intelligent than the bad guys to safeguard your assets. Discover more about our surveillance cameras, portable trailers, and other tools.


Our Video Surveillance products include








Reasonable and Efficient

You need to be able to secure your company’s assets with good security to prevent retail thefts without it hindering the company’s goals. Some security becomes overly expensive which might hinder the business’s goal of producing revenue. PSS On-Site guarantees that the price of each unit is reasonable, and our clients get the most out of their investment.

Motion Detected

Avoid Unwanted Visitors

We know a lot of infrastructure sites are remote and when things happen, law enforcement can be miles away. However, with equipment being so expensive, it becomes a hotspot for criminal activities such as theft and robbery. It is significant to recognize this and invest in security services that deter unwanted visitors and prevent loss in these remote areas. Infrastructure Security by PSS On-Site not only prevents unwanted visitors with its highly advanced strobe lights which ensures deterrence, but it offers alarm systems that catch criminals right in the act of illegal activities.

Why companies like PSS-OnSite?

We are using their services at one of our job-site. These guys provide great customer service as well as they have really hi-tech equipment to deter thefts.

Chioma Edosa, NV

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